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Elan Driver – Plex Channel for Roku

Overview & Supported Features

This is a two-way driver to control Plex Media server and Plex Channel on Roku from Elan g! with metadata and two way feedback with HR10

The Elan controller is capable of querying the server, returning cover art and metadata and then directing content to the zone player.

The following options are supported by [this driver]:

  • This Driver supports Plex Channel on Roku.
  • This Driver supports All Plex Media Servers up to version 1.11.4 running on Mac, Windows, or Linux.
  • Plex Media Server up to version 1.11.4 on FreeNAS, NAS4Free and QNAP running x86 Processors.
  • One Movie Library from the Plex Server called Movies
  • One Music Library from the Plex Server called Music
  • One TV Library from the Plex Server called TV
  • Search functionality returning Movies, Music, and TV shows from the above folders

The following playback options are not supported by [this driver]:

  • More than one Movie, Music or TV library
  • PHT, OpenPHT or any plex player apps running on MAC, Windows or Linux.
  • Plex on Android, iOS, TVs.
  • Most Plex Servers that are running on ARM based NAS or other Appliances.
  • Plex Home (Multiple user logins on the player)

Any feature not specifically noted as supported should be assumed to be unsupported.