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      You can quickly check to see whether your Plex setup will be compatible with our driver.  Run the following test:

      Make sure the Plex Server and Player are accessible on the network and the media libraries show up on the

      player’s menu. Follow the instructions to setup plex found on

      Important: Make sure that you allow local clients to access the server without authentication.

      To Do this From the web administrator of Plex go to Server (Enable Show Advanced)—> Network —> List of

      networks that are allowed without auth and add your subnet such then restart the server

      Test this by checking if you get a response from this URL: http://PlexSeverIPAdress:32400/library/sections.  (Use Chrome or FireFox or IE, Apple’s Safari will not display XML output)

      Your output should look something like this depending on your libraries. (If you get a blank page or Not

      Authorized then the server is not accessible and the driver won’t load the content)


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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